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Whether living down the street or across the globe, owners with Housing Station know that their properties are well managed and maintained. In fact, we make sure of it. We provide owners with upfront communication, timely delivery of services and proactive measures to keep rental properties occupied.

We're big on communication.

  • Right from the start we ask questions and actually implement strategies based on your individual needs.
  • We pride ourselves on constant and consistent feedback truly making us the eyes and ears of your property.

Occupancy is also key. We'll find quality tenants for your single-family home, townhome or condo in DFW area, and work diligently to maintain occupancy. This includes:

  • A report, during the 7th month of your tenant's lease. Detailing the renter's intentions and alerting you well ahead of time of potential vacancy.
  • Our eviction rate is among the lowest. That's because we take a different approach, in order to make sure you get your rent on time.
  • Instead of just letting things happen, we educate tenants and work with both parties to make all transitions as quick and as effective as possible.

At Housing Station our goal is to minimize your stress and maximize your return on investment. All it takes is one phone call. 972.603.5500